A consultative approach to packaging
Let our experts guide you in analysing what portfolio of packaging and handling is optimal for your company

Handling materials consulting

You have a choice:

  • You can use PalletBiz as your Handling Materials partner – we will ensure that you get all the benefits discovered in the analysis we have performed – at no further costs.
  • You can take advantage of our proven experience as Handling Materials professionals and get our expert advice and recommendation – on an “arms length” consulting contract – which will leave you free to implement the recommendations with any provider of your choosing.

Clients of PalletBiz always benefit from day-today consultation and advice as part of our account management relationship

What we are offering

  • Handling Materials Design Optimization

We make sure that your Handling Materials are optimal – with our Software we can ensure the configuration of your pallet layout, pattern, accessories and much more. We can determine the required shape and size, as well as capacity. We will also be able to adjust for stacking strength, loading or equipment compatibility.

  • Handling Materials Sustainability

Implementation of Return Logistics, BuyBack, Recycling etc. in your organization.

How many times have you lost track of where your pallets are? Are you aware how many times the same pallets are used to transport goods? Do you know what happens to your pallets when they leave your warehouse?

These and more questions on the different logistics aspects will be discussed and introduced to further integrate sustainability throughout your supply chain.